We provide our Business IT Support Services for Business Consultants throughout the North West. 

We have worked with several different types of software they use including Sharepoint, Zoho and SAGE.  Taking into account the manner in which they work with being in and out of the office on a daily basis we have to make sure they have not only the right equipment but also the correct software to use during presentations with clients.  Our unlimited service and consultancy helps them a great deal as they have many questions about their clients systems and how they can help and gives them peace of mind that their own equipment works to avoid failures and therefore embarrassment etc.  We have to continue to update their security and make sure that Data Protection is followed throughout which means we need to have the right level of Backups for their Data. 

We are always interested in meeting more Business Consultants to offer our Business IT Support Services.

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 A testimonial from one of our consultancy customers:

"One of the big challenges in setting up a new business is finding and installing a reliable, trouble free IT system.  Good communication and security is everything.  When I retired as CEO of the UK’s largest independent industrial paint maker in 2010, I decided to set up a consultancy to serve the industry.  Not being an IT expert, I took a number of bad decisions in choosing IT support, which led to unreliability as well as malicious attacks from spammers who came through my badly designed website.  My accountant then suggested I contact James Donlan at Convene IT, advising that they were both technically excellent and very professional, so I visited their office at Chorley to ask for help.  It was one of my best decisions.  James and his team really understand their subject, but put things in simple terms that non-IT specialists like me can understand.  While they handle large accounts, I was impressed with the speed at which they recommended and installed bespoke solutions that were right for my small consultancy, including my wife’s beauty therapy business.  Since we went to Convene IT, our systems have been totally reliable and our spam problems were killed dead.  Any issues have always been tackled instantly by remote access to our PC’s, which removes so much worry as we avoid blundering through the settings looking for solutions ourselves.  The staff attitude is always friendly and helpful plus they never talk down to us, as we’re both relative IT idiots. As a result, I can’t recommend Convene IT too highly.  They’ve been truly excellent for our two small businesses."

Convene IT provides expert network installation and support