We provide Business IT Services for many manufacturing companies throughout the North West. 

The important aspect of an IT System is uptime, as each machine is attached to the network and is required to work in some cases 24/7.  If the IT is not working, staff could be waiting to complete jobs.  The whole schedule can be affected and the costs related to any downtime.  Our Support contract is set up in a way where it puts the pressure on ourselves to ensure all updates and checks are made to keep the staff working and giving peace of mind to our customers.  We have experience with a range of software from Factory Master, Vector, AutoCAD, AutoDesk and many more. 

Projects we have completed include upgrading equipment and software, which can require liaising with two or three third party providers.  This is covered under our contract so we do all the project management and see it through to the end with minimum or no downtime.

We are always interested in meeting with other manufacturing companies to offer our Business IT Support Services.

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