It’s that time again to give a massive shoutout to another one of our favourite customers…International Aid Trust!  We have been working with them for nearly a year and what a joy they are to work with. They always listen to the advice we give them and always ask the right questions because they “don’t want to keep bothering us”.  With them it’s never a chore, always a pleasure to help them out, as they are so appreciative of what we do.  For instance. we helped them move from their old site over in Much Hoole and back to their roots in Chorley Town Centre, were they feel much more at home.  It doesn’t matter the size of the job, we are always happy to help, plus in exchange we are greeted with happy smiley faces when we see them.  Like us, they are very people orientated and their main aim as an organisation is to help people.  This they certainly do.  They are celebrating their 30th anniversary in September this year, go check out the fantastic work they have and are still doing.  With all the amazing work they have done to help those in need around the world, they certainly put the Hero in Hero Customer!   International Aid Trust we salute you!