Livedale Foam & Sundries LTD are a lovely and friendly family owned foam converters and suppliers of upholsterers sundries, who started in the 1960’s based in Wigan.
We started working with Livedale nearly 5 years ago, and were faced with some challenges from their previous IT provider. We managed to resolve the problems and they are now working more efficiently. We really enjoy working with Livedale, they will let us know as soon as a problem arises, which means we can assess and resolve the problem straight away.
We spoke with the Manging Director and asked what they thought of us. Yes, we know that’s always a bold question to ask anyone. They had lots of lovely things to say about us and one of the biggest statements that stuck out is they feel they have a “personal connection” with us.
On hearing that it made us feel very proud, as we always pride ourselves at Convene to always try and go above and beyond for our customers to provide the best service. To find out more about Livedale, please visit their website www.livedale.co.uk