Here at Convene IT we don’t specialise in any specific sector so therefore work with a wide variety of companies who all take advantage of our unlimited service.  The basic outline of most IT Networks are very similar, Servers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Security, Disaster Recovery and industry specific software.  The difference comes when we start to understand how our clients work.  Do they have multiple sites? External Users? International Branches? Links with the NHS? This means that we have to pay attention to the finer details of each customer to ensure they have a system that will not only fit them today but for the life of the current equipment and some with the ability to grow during this period.  Flexibility is key.

Examples of the industries we work with include Accountancy, Charities, Construction, Education, Engineering, Estate Agencies, Legal, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Recruitment, Retail and Surveying.  The journey begins with a meeting to discuss your requirements after which we can provide you with a proposal to compare against your current contract or if you don’t currently have one make an informed decision.  We feel meeting face to face is the only way we can all decide whether we would like to work together.  We may even be able to put forward suggestions to improve the current IT during the meeting, even if you don’t choose to move over to Convene IT.


Convene IT provides expert network installation and support